Picture the scene if you will... It’s 33 degrees, the sun is hot and high not unlike the cool teens traversing Melrose and Fairfax - G-Funk is born and Cypress Hill are controlling the airwaves alongside Nirvana, Alice in Chains and The Smashing Pumpkins. Dangerous Liaisons is out at the movie theatres - Girls want to be Sarah Michelle Gellar post Buffy and guys think Ryan Phillipe is cool as f**k - jeans are big and logos are the thang - The Gonz, Jason Lee and Natas Kaupas are the shit.

The desire for band Tees and second hand skate suitable ephemera is off the scale - forget the Rose Bowl, LA thrift stores are where it’s at, a downward tilt of the Ray-Bans to scope the competition is a noted move up and down the packed aisles and rails.

Doing divine justice to this golden age of eye watering ‘radical dude’ one offs for $10 and under is a tall order, so rather than attempt the virtually impossible… A NEW BRAND_ aka ANB is a respectful homage, seeking to - minus the musty smell of rag tag band Tees, patchouli oil and Bay Area homegrown weed - infiltrate the senses with an amalgam of halcyonic memories and ‘the good old days’ mentality.

Designed in London and produced in Portugal - whilst dreaming of the West Coast - all the jersey is pigment dyed and the positional prints baked before everything is stone washed as a nod to that unmistakable thrift store look. Batshit design and the twisting of one’s proverbial melon is not only difficult to replicate, it’s damn near impossible, so instead American iconography has been twisted to see things from an altered perspective.

ARMY becomes ARTY, COACH becomes COUCH, woodland and desert camos are constructed from fifties pin up silhouettes adding a psychedelic edge to the visionary sensory perception. This isn’t just an homage it’s a love affair brought to life. The silhouettes are simple but come correct – you don’t need much else to construct using the de-constructed - drop shoulder, 100% cotton Tees, sweats and hoods, ripstop vacation shirts, gilets, combat jackets and bottoms… wardrobe complete.